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The Johnstown Free Medical Clinic is a service offered to the people of the Laurel Highlands area.  The clinic provides medical care to any person over 18 who meet the clinic’s guidelines.
A person may receive free doctor check-ups, free medicine, free blood tests, and free X-rays.
The clinic is staffed by all volunteer doctors and nurses, who give of their time freely to help people with their medical problems.

The clinic is open for doctor’s appointments every Tuesday and Wednesday except holidays.  All appointments must be scheduled in advance.  Appointments are available for both daytime and evening hours.  If a patient is unable to keep an appointment, the patient is requested to cancel the appointment before the time of the appointment. If a patient misses three appointments in a year without cancelling , the patient will be dismissed from the clinic.
Please allow time after your appointment for your medicine to be prepared.
The office is open Monday to Thursday for questions, information, and to order refills.
The specific hours will be posted in the clinic.
Refill requests may be left on the answering machine at 534-6242 Option two(2) prior to Tuesday noon.  The clinic does not call back to verify the request.
Refills will only be given out from 4-6:30 on Wednesday

The Free Clinic tries to provide free medications for the patients.
Medications are obtained for the clinic from many places, like drug representatives, other doctor’s offices and through Conemaugh Hospital.  The Clinic also uses a program from the drug companies known as the Patient Assistance Program. (PAP)
Because so much of the medication is donated, there are times when a particular medicine is not available.  The doctor on duty will make an appropriate substitution when necessary.  If a medicine is not available, the doctor will offer to write a prescription for the medicine.  The patient is responsible for the cost of a prescription.
When the doctor orders a medicine, the medicine room will fill the order before the patient leaves the clinic.  Orders are filled by the time received in the medicine room.  Please be sure to allow time for the medicines to be prepared.
The clinic does not provide birth control pills.   The clinic does not keep any narcotics in the medicine room.
Instructions for taking the medicine will be written on the medicine bottle label and on the discharge instruction sheet that the person receives before leaving the clinic.
The nurse will review the medicine with each patient before he/she leaves the clinic.  Medication information sheets are available.
The doctor may order refills on your medicine.  This will be indicated on the bottle.  You do not have to see the doctor to get refills.
You must call in by noon on Tuesday for refills .  You may leave a message on the answering machine about refills.  Please be sure to say your name clearly and which medicines you want.  It is helpful to leave a phone number where you can be reached if the clinic has a question.  If you call after noon Tuesday and want medicines that week, you will be given prescriptions.
If you need a prescription rewritten, you must call before noon on Tuesday or you will have to wait until the end of the clinic visits for the doctor to write a refill.
Refills must be picked up between 4-6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.  There is a sign-in sheet at the desk for patients who only need refills.
You may have someone else pick up your medicine if you notify the clinic in advance.

Patients at the Free Clinic may receive blood work, X-rays and a variety of other basic tests.
These tests must be done through Conemaugh Hospital.   If the patient goes to another hospital or lab, he/she will be responsible for the cost of the test.
If a test needs to be scheduled, the clinic will schedule the test and notify the patient.
If the patient receives a bill from Conemaugh for testing, he /she should bring the bill to the clinic.
Some tests are too expensive for the Clinic to provide.   The patient may be required to apply for the Financial Assistance Program through the Conemaugh health care system in order to get these tests done.  This includes all MRI tests.  The Clinic will notify the patient he/she needs to apply for the Financial Assistance Program and give the patient an application.    The patient is responsible for completing the application and returning it to the hospital.
Charity Care Application download

The Free Clinic is able to provide consultations from some specialists.  The specialist will see the patient only once through the clinic.  After that, the patient is responsible for the charges.  Many of the specialists participate in the Financial Assistance Program through Conemaugh.
The doctor will write for a referral to a specialist.  The Clinic will schedule the appointment and notify the patient.
If the patient misses a referral appointment, it will not be rescheduled.
If the specialist orders testing, it should be done through the clinic, or the patient may be charged for the tests.

The clinic does not:

  • Provide birth control pills
  • Keep narcotics in the clinic
  • Pay for hospital or emergency room charges

If you find another source for your healthcare, please notify the Clinic that you will no longer be a patient here.


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